"The most beautiful contact between the earth
and sea took place at the Montenegrin littoral."
Lord Byron, Poet

Montenegro: Jewel of the Adriatic

The picturesque Republic of Montenegro sits between Croatia to the north, Albania to the south and Italy to the west across the Adriatic Sea.

Montenegro's natural beauty is its most precious asset, which is proudly protected by its people. Along its celebrated 300 kilometre Riviera-style coastline, this small country (population of only 620,000 inhabitants) boasts an array of beaches, hidden coves and charming historic towns, encircled by some of Europe's most spectacular scenery. It is no surprise that for centuries visitors have been seduced by its stunning landscapes.

With the wonderful Mediterranean climate spanning eight months of the year, as well as excellent winter snowfalls at its up-and-coming ski-resorts, Montenegro is becoming a popular year-round tourist destination.
Due to growing demand from overseas visitors Montenegro is now increasingly accessible, with regular flights from most major European airports. One of the last undeveloped corners of the Mediterranean, the picturesque Montenegrin coast is already attracting an elite selection of 5* and 6* resorts, including Banyan Tree at Sveti Marko, Aman at Sveti Stefan and the world-class marina at Porto Montenegro.

There are numerous reasons for the country's emergence as a fashionable destination. The spectacular landscapes, picturesque towns and hospitable inhabitants, the wonderful climate, as well as the wide range of sporting, leisure and cultural activities on offer, combine to ensure a wonderful experience for all ages and tastes.