Montenegro: Activities

The region surrounding Lucici Village offers easy access to a wide range of activities including water sports, fishing, sailing, hiking, sightseeing, climbing, cycling and white water rafting Р and even scuba diving. During the winter season there is skiing and other snow sports in the mountains.

There are numerous restaurants, bars and cafes in which to enjoy the local wines and cuisine and absorb the vibrant atmosphere.
A wide selection of night-time entertainment in the region includes nightclubs, discotheques and casinos.

From the picturesque coastline, the spectacular landscape sweeps inland from the beaches, across rivers and lakes, over deep canyons up to the snow capped mountain peaks beyond. This unusual geography, compressed within narrow borders, produces a range of dramatic scenery that inspires awe and it is quite possible to enjoy a meal in all three of these dissimilar regions in the same day.